Import of personal vehicles by the administrator

By default, users add their personal vehicles themselves through the personal settings of their accounts, as explained in the following article: Managing my vehicles for my mileage expenses

In some cases, the company's internal policy requires that personal vehicles be added by the account administrator, not by the vehicle owner.

To address this requirement and need, Expensya has introduced an option that allows the account administrator to add personal vehicles for their colleagues from the Account Administration tab.

This option is free and available for all Expensya plans, including the free trial version.

How can the administrator add personal vehicles:

It's important to note that adding personal vehicles by the administrator can only be done through import.

To perform this import, the account administrator needs to:

  1. Go to the "Admin" tab, then select the "Rates and Vehicles" menu, and then the "Vehicles" submenu.
  2. Click on "Import Vehicles."
  3. Download the import file.

The file to be imported must be downloaded beforehand, filled out, and then imported. To download the template file:

  1. Go to the "Rates and Vehicles" menu, then the "Vehicles" submenu.
  2. Click on "Import Vehicles."
  3. Download the template file.

The template file is in CSV format. The columns in this file are as follows:

  • Vehicle Name: Name assigned to the vehicle
  • Vehicle Type: Type of the vehicle
  • Administrative Power: Fiscal power of the vehicle
  • Current Year Km: Distance traveled during the current year
  • Last Year Distance Km: Distance traveled during the previous year
  • User Mail: User's email
  • User PayId: User's employee ID
  • Is Electric Car: Put 1 (True) if the vehicle is electric and 0 (False) if it's not

The columns mentioned in bold are mandatory to fill out for a successful import.

The administrator can deactivate a vehicle from the vehicle list but cannot delete it.

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