Reimbursement: a task held by your company

Expensya is an application that helps you to manage your expenses.

It is important to regularly follow the status of your expenses on Expensya in order to know where the reimbursement process is at.

There are several possible statuses for an expense on Expensya:

  • "To review": this means that the expense has been entered using smart recognition and needs your verification. To do this, simply click on the expense and check the information entered by the smart recognition. Make sure that the information is correct before validating.
  • "Reviewed": this means that the expense has been entered manually and does not need your further verification.
  • "Submitted" or "Exported": this means that the expense has been sent to your manager or accountant for validation. You can track the status of your expense by going to your expense screen. If your expense has not yet been validated, you can contact your manager or accountant internally to speed up the process.
  • "Archived": this means that the expense has finished its validation flow and is ready to be reimbursed. If you are in this case and have not yet been reimbursed, it is recommended that you contact your accounting department or management to follow up.

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In conclusion, it is important to understand how the refund process works on Expensya so that you know what to do if you have not yet been refunded.

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