Exports reports and invoices

Expensya allows you to export your reports and invoices

From the website version

Export reports from the website:

  1. Click on 'Reports',
  2. Check the reports you wish to export,
  3. Press 'Actions' and 'Export'

  1. Choose the format and "Download"

Exports invoices from the website:

  1. Go to 'Invoices',
  2. Select the invoices you wish to export,
  3. Click on 'Actions on invoices', and 'Export'
  1. Choose the format and 'Download'

From the mobile version

You can export only from a note.

  1. From the "report" menu
  2. Go to the "report"
  1. Tap the dotted line at the top right of your screen
  1. Then on "Export"
  2. Export to Excel or PDF and choose whether or not to include expense receipts

Expensya export volumes :

The recommended volumes for expense exports within Expensya are:

For PDF export format: up to 300 expenses.

For Excel export format: up to 5000 expenses.

By API: infinite

Exports via API require technical integration from the client-side.

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