What is a report?

What is a report at Expensya?

At Expensya, a report is a folder where you slide in expenses. 

Arranging expenses in this manner provides the expense management team within your organization with a consolidated view for better organization! 

How to create a report on the web?
  1. Create a report from the report page: 
  • Select the “Reports” page from the navigation bar. 
  • Click on the "+ Report” icon to create a new report. 
  • Choose an adequate name and save your report. 
  1. Create a report from the expense page: 

Another alternative is to start by creating an expense using the “+ Expense” icon then choosing to add a report directly from the “Expense details” window. 

You will, therefore, be able to directly assign your expense to a report and submit in just one click!

How to create a report on the mobile app?
  1. Click on the folder in the top right corner of the screen. 
  2. Select “New report”. 
  1. Choose a meaningful name. 
  1. Validate the creation of your new report. 
Are reports mandatory?

Even though assigning expenses to reports makes your spend management process more efficient, reports are not always required. 

  • If you only have one expense to submit, you do not necessarily need a report. 

On the Web:

A report will be automatically created once you hit the “submit” button. 

On the Mobile:

You just need to swipe right to submit your expense in a flash. 


  • The AutoNDF feature also helps you skip reports’ creation, as It ensures retrieving verified expenses automatically at each given period, chosen or configured by you. 


If you want to read more about reports, or how to skip their creation, we invite you to have a look at this article. 


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