How to Disable an Expensya card ?

To disable an Expensya card :  

You can follow the steps listed below:  

  • Disable Expensya card: 
  1. As an Admin with the “Can manage cards” payment role, browse to the "Payment Instruments” section under the “Payment” menu, and view the list of Expensya cards under the “Expensya cards” tab. 
  2. Select a virtual Expensya card with an "enabled" status then click on “Disable this card” button. 
  3. A confirmation screen will be displayed. Click on the "Disable" button* to confirm. 

*The Expensya card will be permanently disabled and cannot be reactivated. To provide an Expensya card to the same employee, you will need to issue a new Expensya card. For more details How to provide virtual Expensya card(s) to employee(s) ?
By disabling the Expensya card, both the virtual and physical cards will be deactivated. 

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